Laboratory Equipment

The Pasteur-Chamberland Filter

Pasteur-Chamberland Filter

Originally published in The British Medical Journal on March 6, 1886. Sir, In the Journal of February 27th, appeared a short article giving an account of the results obtained by Horn, working under the direction of Professor FOrster, of Amsterdam, with the Pasteur-Chamberland filter. As the reader might gather from the concluding lines of your article, that some difficulties attend ...

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The Chamberland Pasteur Filter

Pasteur-Chamberland filter

GOLD MEDAL, HEALTH EXHIBITION, 1884 The Chamberland and Pasteur Filter is the joint production of the celebrated Professor Pasteur and his co-worker Dr. Chamberland, originally for the express purpose of eliminating disease germs and absolutely purifying waters used by them in Dr. Pasteur’s experiments. The method of filtration is through specially prepared porcelain tubes used chiefly under pressure. No impurities ...

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Louis Pasteur and the Pasteur Pipet

Pasteur pipette

The Pasteur Pipet was a basic instrument that played a crucial role in the experiments of Louis Pasteur experiments. Once the concept of Germ Theory was clearly established, the necessity to keep everything sanitized and free of germs was central to all experiments. Therefore, the Pasteur Pipet was developed to ensure liquids could be removed or transferred without introducing foreign ...

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