Life of Pasteur

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An excerpt from Bacteria in Relation to Plant Diseases, published in 1905 Among the multitude of workers in animal pathology and bacteriology during the last thirty-five years certain men tower far above the rest, their contributions to science having been more conspicuous and their imprint on their generation more lasting. If France is mentioned, we think at once of Pasteur, ...

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Photograph of Louis Pasteur sitting at his desk

Many have attacked Louis Pasteur as a man who denied God’s existence and others have gone as far to say he was a devout Catholic his whole life. In my humble opinion, he was somewhere in between.Pasteur was a spiritual man and recognized the need for religion, as many times he would rely on faith alone to keep his work ...

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Originally published in “The Rotarian” magazine in June, 1937 A little more than a century ago—December 27, 1822—in, the humble dwelling of a tanner in Dôle, France, a child was born who was destined to create new sciences, to transform industries, and to bring the greatest relief to human miseries: Louis Pasteur. Pasteur had just graduated from the Ecole Normale ...

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Funeral of Louis Pasteur

Originally published in the Boston Evening Transcript on October 5, 1895 Paris, Oct. 5–The funeral services over the body of Professor Louis Pasteur, the famous chemist and scientist, took place in the Cathedral of Notre Dame this afternoon. The coffin was removed from the Pasteur Institute, where the body had been lying in state, at ten o’clock and placed upon ...

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Pasteur delivering first rabies inoculation to Joseph Meister

During a long and productive career, Louis Pasteur established himself as one of the most famous figures in the history of science, one whose researches, cutting across many fields of endeavor, had a profound impact upon our health and understanding of a range of fundamental physicochemical and biological phenomena. Of the many topics which occupied Pasteur’s attention during five decades, ...

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Accusations of plagiarism, probably unjustified, concerning two eminent scientists over the first demonstration of fermentation by living organisms, still persist after a century and a half. ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY YEARS AGO, IN August 1857, Louis Pasteur gave a lecture to the Société des Sciences de Lille entitled ‘Lactate fermentation’, published soon after as a Mémoire.1 The title may sound ...

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Photograph of Louis Pasteur

Academy Award Theater was a radio show which featured films that won or were nominated for the coveted golden Oscars. The show aired for 39 weeks between March 30, 1946 and December 18, 1946. These 30 minute programs consisted of dramatizations of movies whose pictures, players, techniques, and skills won or were nominated for the Oscars. In this show, Paul ...

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Louis Pasteur in his workshop with microscope

On December 7, 1854, as dean of the brand new Faculty of Sciences at Lille, Louis Pasteur gave the opening speech in which he said, “in the fields of observation, chance only favours the mind which is prepared…” Pasteur was speaking of Danish physicist Oersted and the almost “accidental” way in which he discovered the basic principles of electro-magnetism. Much ...

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Louis Pasteur Portrait

Originally published in the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) on October 5, 1895. And the King said unto his servants, “Know ye not that there is a Prince and a great man fallen this day in Israel?” LOUIS PASTEUR, the distinguished chemist, who has contributed so largely to the scientific standing of the French Academy, died of paralysis at ...

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