Pasteur’s Rememberance

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Photograph of Louis Pasteur

by  Edgar Bowers, 1924 – 2000 How shall a generation know its story If it will know no other? When, among The scoffers at the Institute, Pasteur Heard one deny the cause of child-birth fever, Indignantly he drew upon the blackboard, For all to see, the Streptococcus chain. His mind was like Odysseus and Plato Exploring a new cosmos in ...

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Pasteur Gold Medal - French Academy of Sciences

Originally published in the New York Times on December 27, 1892 PARIS, Dec. 27. — The scientific and literary world of Paris assembled to-day to honor Louis Pasteur for the benefits he has conferred upon humanity. The spacious amphitheatre of the Sorhonne, the home of the French Academy of Sciences, was uncomfortably packed by persons eager to take part in ...

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Bust of Louis Pasteur

Originally published by the Spokane Daily Chronicle on December 27, 1922 PARIS, Dec 26.–(By the Associated Press.)–The centenary of the birth of Louis Pasteur was observed today by the Academy of Medicine with exercises in honor of the world-famous chemist and biologist, one of the academy’s most illustrious members. Pasteur was elected to the academy in 1873 as a free ...

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Louis Pasteur in his workshop with microscope

Typescript of a speech presented at the Colloque du Centenaire de l’Institut Pasteur, October 5-9, 1987 by JOSHUA LEDERBERG The Rockefeller University, New York, NY 10021 INTRODUCTION: Louis Pasteur and the Pasteur Institute Nothing could have given me greater gratification than this invitation. For me, as for my entire generation of scientifically inclined youth, Louis Pasteur was a global culture ...

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Pasteur celebrating his 70th birthday at the Sorbonne

Originally published in “The Independent” on December 23, 1922 THE French Government has announced the appropriation of 2,000,000 francs with which to celebrate properly the 100th anniversary of the birth of Louis Pasteur. The Government appropriation carries with it the statement that Pasteur stands as “The Symbol of French Science.” The anniversary date occurs on December 27, and if all ...

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Dr. Elvio Armando Tuoto earned a medical degree from the Federal University of Paraná State, in Brazil and is a Neurologist and Occupational Health specialist, as well as a full member of the Brazilian Academy of Neurology. Dr. Tuoto is the founder and full member of the Brazilian Society for the History of Medicine and holds membership withthe International Society ...

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A Dutiful Son, Ardent Patriot, Self Denying Christian – Anecdotes About His Career – His Love of Mankind – His Noble Character and (unreadable) Nature (Correspondence of the Eagle.) Eagle Paris Bureau, October 6 – Had Pasteur seriously thought about if it is probable that he, in his will, would have forbidden the funeral, which equaled in grandeur those of ...

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Louis Pasteur overseeing the inoculation of patients with the vaccine for hydrophobia. Pasteur at 70 is worthily the recipient of many honors. He is the most illustrious exponent of the principle of inoculation. Its development has been side by side with the progress of tracing to their germ forms some of the most destructive diseases by which humanity is affected ...

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Disciples of Louis Pasteur will be interested in the exhibition which will open at the Academy of Medicine, 19 west Forty-Third Street, on the hundredth anniversary of the scientist’s birth, Dec. 27. This exhibition will include medals which were struck on the various dates of Pasteur’s many discoveries, original manuscripts, and engravings. Books, many of them owned by private collectors, ...

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