Works of Louis Pasteur (English)

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Preface The two lectures which compose this volume were published by the Chemical Society of Paris in a volume entitled “Leçons de Chimie professées en 1860” (Paris, 1861). They give in brief form an account of Pasteur’s brilliant investigations on optically active compounds, and are remarkable for three things; – The fact that they describe the only ways even now ...

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Quartz Crystals

Two lectures delivered by Louis Pasteur before the Chemical Society of Paris, on January 20, and February 3, 1860. FIRST LECTURE AT the end of the year 1808 Mains discovered that light which was reflected from opaque or transparent bodies possessed new and surprising properties, which distinguished it from the light that proceeded directly from illuminating bodies. Malus called the ...

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Dog Cage Used for Rabies Tests

October 26, 1885.— A Method for the Prevention of Rabies after the Bite of a Rabid Animal. — The prophylaxis of rabies such as I exposed it in my own name and in the name of my fellow-workers in my preceding notes certainly constituted a real progress in the study of that disease. But the progress realised was more scientific ...

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Dog Cage Used for Rabies Tests

May 19, 1884. — The Attenuation of Rabies. — The great notions of the variability in the virulence of certain viruses, and of the preservation against a given virus by the inoculation of another of lower intensity, are to-day recognised scientific facts already put to practical uses. It is easy to apprehend all the interest attaching, in that line of ...

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Dog Cage Used for Rabies Tests

February 25, 1884. — The Academy received with favour our preceding communications on rabies, incomplete though they were, justly considering that each step forward in the experimental study of that disease deserved to be encouraged. The new facts which I shall have the honour to communicate to-day — in my own name and in the name of my fellow-workers, amongst ...

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Dog Cage Used for Rabies Tests

December 11, 1882. — The study of rabies, of all diseases, seems to be the one which bristles with most difficulties. Clinical observation is powerless, and it is ever necessary to appeal to experimentation. But until }’esterday the significance of the simplest experiment was wrapped up in undecipherable uncertainties. The saliva was the only part where the presence of the ...

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Dog Cage Used for Rabies Tests

May 30,1881. — The Academy may remember that we began the study of hydrophobia in the month of December last, assisted by Messrs. Chaniberland and Boux, whom M. Thuillier kindly joined. By comparing the external symptoms of that malady with certain microscopical observations made on the brains of persons or animals who had died of hydrophobia, and by considering that ...

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Satirical cartoon drawing of Pasteur and rabies vaccine

January 24, 1881. — On a New Malady produced by the Saliva of a Child who died of Rabies. Note by M. L. Pasteur, with the Collaboration of Messrs. Chamberland and Roux. This note deals with the experiments undertaken with the saliva of the child who died in Mr. Lannelongue’s ward. This saliva, injected into dogs and rabbits, gave rise ...

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Louis Pasteur vaccinated sheep

 by Louis Pasteur (with the Collaboration of Mr. Chamberland and Mr. Roux) Originially published in the Comptes Rendus de l’Academie des Science 92:1378-1383, June 13, 1881. In a lecture which I presented to the Academy last February 28, the purpose of which was to discover a method for preparation of attenuated anthrax, I spoke on behalf of myself and my ...

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