Pasteur Brewing

The Foundations of Stereo Chemistry

Memoirs by Pasteur, Van’t Hoff, Lebel, and Wislicenus General Contents Preface The Asymmetry of Naturally Occurring Organic Compounds. By Louis Pasteur Biographical Sketch of Pasteur Structural Formulas in Space. By J.H. van’t Hoff Biographical Sketch of van’t Hoff Relation between Atomic Formulas of Organic Compounds and the Rotary Power of their Solutions. By J.A. LeBel Biographical Sketch of Lebel Space ...

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Researches on the Molecular Asymmetry of Natural Organic Products

Preface The two lectures which compose this volume were published by the Chemical Society of Paris in a volume entitled “Leçons de Chimie professées en 1860” (Paris, 1861). They give in brief form an account of Pasteur’s brilliant investigations on optically active compounds, and are remarkable for three things; – The fact that they describe the only ways even now ...

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Success of Pasteur’s Treatment of Hydrophobia

American Druggist - Volume 17 - 1889

Originally printed in the American Druggist: A Weekly Illustrated Journal of Practical Pharmacy in September, 1889 At the Academy of Sciences, M. Pasteur recently presented a note of the results observed in the Pasteur Institute from May 1st 1888, to May 1st 1889 (La France Médicale, No. 73). During this period, 1,673 persons bitten by rabid, or presumably (très suspects ...

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How Pasteur Made Nursing Better

19th Century French Nursing

One of the most common occupations in health care is the registered nurse. Registered nurses provide a wide variety of services to patients. They also work very closely with other medical professionals to diagnose patients and assist with treatment. Many of the discoveries of Louis Pasteur related to disease and germ theory revolutionized the nursing and surgical occupations. 19th Century ...

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Treat the crime epidemic like the disease it is

It was not until the late 19th century that the pioneering work of the likes of Louis Pasteur, and the development and improvement of microscopes, led to the discovery that disease is caused by microbes too small to be detected with the naked human eyes. Read full article…

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Louis Pasteur, Wine Disease and Napoleon

Louis Pasteur and Napoleon III

For some time during the 19th century, the French wine industry was burdened by different diseases that caused wine to become sour, bitter or flavorless. Knowledge of French wine diseases spread throughout Europe, greatly damaging the wine export sector in France. An English merchant said this just after the treaty agreement between France and Great Britain in 1863: In the ...

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White House Honey Ale

Ingredients 2 (3.3 lb) cans light malt extract 1 lb light dried malt extract 12 oz crushed amber crystal malt 8 oz Biscuit Malt 1 lb White House Honey 1 1/2 oz Kent Goldings Hop Pellets 1 1/2 oz Fuggles Hop pellets 2 tsp gypsum 1 pkg Windsor dry ale yeast 3/4 cup corn sugar for priming Directions In an ...

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White House Honey Porter

Ingredients 2 (3.3 lb) cans light unhopped malt extract 3/4 lb Munich Malt (cracked) 1 lb crystal 20 malt (cracked) 6 oz black malt (cracked) 3 oz chocolate malt (cracked) 1 lb White House Honey 10 HBUs bittering hops 1/2 oz Hallertaur Aroma hops 1 pkg Nottingham dry yeast 3/4 cup corn sugar for bottling Directions In a 6 qt ...

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