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Dr. Edward C. Spitzka of New York Science is not always more fortunate than religion in its exponents and ministers, and men of fair and moderate minds will be slow to judge either cause by the mistakes of its conspicuous professors. These may differ in opinion on grave subjects and they have varying standards as to method. But all men ...

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Download PDF | Text Translated by Lady Claud Hamilton from the original French titled, M. Pasteur: Histoire d’un Savant par un Ignorant. In the salon of a distinguished man, or of a great writer, there is often to be found a person who, without being either a fellow-worker or a disciple, without even possessing the scientific or literary qualities which ...

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Download PDF | Text This download was made available by Google Books. Translated by Frederic Taber Cooper Published by Frederick A. Stokes, 1914 CONTENTS CHAPTERS PAGE A Studious Boyhood A Laborious And Enthusiastic Youth ON THE EOAD TO FAME Fob The National Wealth The Spirit Of Patriotism The Curative Poison The Sovereignty Op Genius VIII Hydrophobia The Pasteur Institute The ...

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Download PDF | Text These downloads were made available by Google Books. This book is more than a critique of Pasteur. It is a contribution to the biological history of a swiftly changing time, a very striking period in the development of science. As such it should be of interest to all biologists, and especially to all teachers and students ...

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Joseph Meister – First rabies victim to receive inoculation. It was the good fortune of the writer four years ago, to be the only guest — apart, of course, from “the guest of the evening”; — present at the dinner given to the venerable M. Chevreul by his colleagues of the Societé d’ Agriculture. The dinner was given at the ...

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Emile Duclaux

Born in the city of Aurillac (Auvergne Province), the firstborn son of a clerk, Émile Duclaux was brought up under his father’s tutelage until he reached the age for secondary school. During his years at the lycée his father kept pace with his son’s course work, which today would seem very controlling. But Émile did not resent his father; rather, ...

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Jean Baptiste Dumas

Jean Baptiste Dumas was born in the city of Alais (Languedoc-Roussillon Province) on the national holiday of July 14. This date would prove to be auspicious because his life would be intertwined with the fate of France, first as a revolutionary in science, later, as an eminent statesman. His father, a city clerk, would have sent him to serve in ...

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Désiré Gernez

Born in the city of Valenciennes (département du Nord). Not much is known of his childhood but he must have excelled in his preparatory studies because he was accepted into the École Normale in 1855 where he studied physics. After achieving his lycées agrégation (teaching license) in 1858 he was assigned to teach in the remote Garonne countryside at the ...

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Six little children were bitten by a dog in Newark on Wednesday night. There is reason to believe that the dog was suffering from rabies when the wounds were inflicted, from which fact it is fairly inferred that the children are in imminent danger of the awful disease known as hydrophobia. There is no disorder known to the faculty which ...

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