Humanity’s Debt to Pasteur

Oil painting of Louis Pasteur

BY H. MACNAUGHTON-JONES, M.D., M.A.O., F.R.C.S.I., AND ED. (Ex University Professor in the Queen’s University, Ireland) It is rather a daring undertaking to attempt to show in the short time at my disposal how much the world in general, and my profession in particular, is indebted to the genius and work of Pasteur. Also, it may seem presumptuous at this ...

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Pasteur of France

Originally published in “The Rotarian” magazine in June, 1937 A little more than a century ago—December 27, 1822—in, the humble dwelling of a tanner in Dôle, France, a child was born who was destined to create new sciences, to transform industries, and to bring the greatest relief to human miseries: Louis Pasteur. Pasteur had just graduated from the Ecole Normale ...

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Louis Pasteur Biography and Timeline

Louis Pasteur in his workshop with microscope

Louis Pasteur was a French chemist and microbiologist. Despite his modest upbringing, Louis Pasteur would eventually become France’s leading scientific mind and later be known as one of history’s most prolific geniuses. Pasteur’s greatest discoveries resulted in what he termed, “The Germ Theory of Disease” and led to breakthroughs in the causes and preventions of disease, methods of preservation and ...

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Louis Pasteur: Free Lance of Science

R Dubos - Pasteur Biography - Free Lance of Science

Excerpt from Pasteur biography by René Dubos.  Download the complete book at the end of this article. CHAPTER I The Wonderful Century Louis PASTEUR was born on December 27, 1822, at Dôle in the eastern part of France, where his father owned and managed a small tannery. When he died on September 28, 1895, at Villeneuve l’Etang near Paris, his ...

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Louis Pasteur 1822-1895

Louis Pasteur Writing Sample

Originally published by the U.S. National Library of Medicine for an exhibit in observance of the sesquicentennial of the birth of Louis Pasteur. On December 27, 1822, Louis Pasteur, son of a tanner and former sergeant in the armies of Napoleon, was born in obscurity at Dôle, France. Today his name is known and honored throughout the world for his ...

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Louis Pasteur: Knight of the Laboratory

by FRANCIS E. BENZ Louis read and defended his essays on August 23, 1847, and although they were not enthusiastically received by the judges, yet he was successful in his presentation. But the doctor s degree was only a milepost at which Louis Pasteur did not pause. He had had a letter from his father saying: “We cannot judge of ...

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Louis Pasteur: His Life and Labours

Download PDF | Text Translated by Lady Claud Hamilton from the original French titled, M. Pasteur: Histoire d’un Savant par un Ignorant. In the salon of a distinguished man, or of a great writer, there is often to be found a person who, without being either a fellow-worker or a disciple, without even possessing the scientific or literary qualities which ...

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Louis Pasteur By Albert Keim, Louis Lumet, Frederic Taber Cooper

Download PDF | Text This download was made available by Google Books. Translated by Frederic Taber Cooper Published by Frederick A. Stokes, 1914 CONTENTS CHAPTERS PAGE A Studious Boyhood A Laborious And Enthusiastic Youth ON THE EOAD TO FAME Fob The National Wealth The Spirit Of Patriotism The Curative Poison The Sovereignty Op Genius VIII Hydrophobia The Pasteur Institute The ...

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The History of A Mind by Emile Duclaux

Download PDF | Text These downloads were made available by Google Books. This book is more than a critique of Pasteur. It is a contribution to the biological history of a swiftly changing time, a very striking period in the development of science. As such it should be of interest to all biologists, and especially to all teachers and students ...

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The Life of Pasteur – René Vallery-Radot

Download PDF | Text These downloads were made available by Whether to admire more the man or his method, the life or work, is left for the reader to decide. Among the researches that have made the name of Louis Pasteur a household word, three are of the first importance: a knowledge of the true nature of the processes ...

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