All Grain Recipes

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Beer Style: stout, Russian imperial stout Recipe Type: all-grain Description: I have been brewing Imperial Stouts all summer—10 batches altogether. (Talk about a beer out of season—rawlp!) Many interesting Imperial Stouts were produced. The one I liked the most had all the trappings of an Imperial Stout but without that expected alcoholic flavor. A Big Beer without the Burn. The ...

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Beer Style: stout, kahlua Recipe Type: all-grain Description: Ingredients: 5 pounds, 2-row barley 2 pounds, 120L caramel malt 2 pounds, 20L caramel malt 2 pounds, British crystal 1 pound, wheat malt 1 pound, dextrin 1 pound, roast barley 2 ounces, Northern Brewer hops (boil 75 minutes) 1/2 ounce, Styrian Golding hops (boil 75 minutes) 1 bottle Kahlua liquor extract Whitbread ...

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Beer Style: stout, dry stout, rye Recipe Type: all-grain Description: This has got to be the best stout I have ever made. Since I have made the move to all-grain, this will be the only stout recipe for me. The flavour is dry and what you would expect from a stout. The rye and the cara-pils has made it very ...

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Beer Style: stout, foreign stout, Coopers Stout clone Recipe Type: all-grain Description: It is basically a foreign style stout: quite bitter (maybe 45 IBU), alcoholic (6.8%), coffeeish and oily. I believe Coopers use dextrose in all their beers, including this one. My Roger Protz (a Pom) book says they use lager malt, crystal and roast barley. I would have guessed ...

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Beer Style: stout, oatmeal stout Recipe Type: all-grain Description: My wife really liked Sam Adams Cream Stout when we had some last summer. I thought I’d try to make a beer with that nice creamy, roasty flavor, but lower gravity, for her graduation party last weekend. Tasting notes (after 1 week in bottle/keg): Yum! Initial roasty-malty aroma with a hint ...

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Beer Style: porter, rye, coffee Recipe Type: all-grain Description: The beer is complex, to say the least… It has a substantial malt- molasses-and-cocoa nose and my palate was satiated (almost overwhelmed) after one bottle. There are obvious molasses, coffee, and cocoa overtones, but the hop bitterness and flavor are too subtle. The color is a marvelous chocolate-reddish brown, with a ...

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Beer Style: porter, Deschutes Recipe Type: all-grain Description: After working on this recipe for over a year, I think I can finally share it with the brewing public. It is virtually identical to the original, but I’ll let you be the judge. Special thanks to George De Piro and Hiawatha for their input during the recipe’s formulation. I really hope ...

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Beer Style: porter Recipe Type: all-grain Description: Well, Scott and I tapped my Brown Malt Porter Recipe for the first time over the weekend, and its very good. Not as heavy a porter as Anchor or Sierra Nevada, more like Samuel Smiths Taddy Porter. Has a nice discreet bitterness to it from the Hugh Baird Brown Malt and a rich ...

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Beer Style: porter Recipe Type: all-grain Description: Ingredients: 8 pounds, 2-row Klage malt 1 pound, crystal malt (90 Lovibond) 1 pound, dextrin malt 1/2 pound, chocolate malt 1/2 pound, black malt 1/2 teaspoon, gypsum lactic acid to adjust mash water to pH 5.2 1-1/3 ounces, Northern Brewer hop pellets (8.5% pellets) 1/2 ounce, Fuggle hop pellets (3.7% alpha) 1 teaspoon, ...

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