Porter (Extract)

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Beer Style: Porter Recipe Type: extract Description: Super Simple Porter recipe…I tried to duplicate the Breckenridge Vanilla Porter. Very popular beer with my friends and especially my wife! Ingredients: 1 can John Bull London Porter 3.3 lb 3 lbs dark amber extract 1 cup Smirnoff Vanilla Vodka 2 vanilla beans (get them at a health food store) Primary Ferment: 7 ...

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Beer Style: porter, cocoa, chocolate Recipe Type: extract Description: The cocoa went in beautifully. I strongly recommend making a cocoa syrup as I have to anyone interested in making a chocolate beer. The inspiration for this came from The Joy of Cooking, as good in its idiom as TCJOHB is in its. This recipe is underhopped. If you try it, ...

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Beer Style: porter, maple porter Recipe Type: extract Description: Ingredients: 6.6 lbs. unhopped light malt extract syrup 2 lbs. light dry malt extract 0.25 lbs. black malt 0.5 lbs. roasted malt 10 oz. chocolate malt 0.75 lb. caramel (crystal) malt, (50-60L) 1.5 oz. Northern Brewer hops 16 oz. maple syrup Wyeast 1098 Procedure: Add the crushed grain in a grain ...

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Beer Style: porter, dark ale Recipe Type: extract Description: Trying to create an ale somewhat on the lighter side of a porter, here’s the recipe if anyone wants to comment. Ingredients: 6 # light malt extract syrup 1+ # NW Gold dry malt extract 8 oz crystal (60 L.) 8 oz carapils 4 oz chocolate malt 2 oz roasted malt ...

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Beer Style: porter Recipe Type: extract Description: This beer won first place in the Porter category in last month’s AHA-sanctioned competetion held by the Upstate New York Homebrewers Association (Rochester, New York). Ingredients: 6.6 lbs Munton & Fison amber malt extract 0.5 lbs Munton & Fison light dry malt extract 0.5 lbs chocolate malt, crushed 2.5 oz Cascade hops pellets, ...

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Beer Style: porter, spiced beer Recipe Type: extract Description: All the beer I make is from dry malt extracts and specialty grains. I don’t have the time to do, or the space to set up for, all grain brewing. I like to use Maple Syrup if possible (if I’ve got the cash, about $7 a quart) for dark beer. Not ...

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Beer Style: porter, coffee Recipe Type: extract Description: This was an extract brew, but contained about 1–1/2 pounds of specialty malts, as well as some coffee. It looks very dark, and smells great. Ingredients: 6 pounds, dark malt extract syrup 1 pound, english dry dark malt extract 1/4 pound, black patent malt 1/4 pound, chocolate malt 1/2 pound, roasted barley ...

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Beer Style: porter Recipe Type: extract Description: Ingredients: 7 pounds, unhopped extract syrup 1 pound, chocolate malt, not cracked 1/2 pound, black patent malt, not cracked 1/2 pound, crystal malt (90 degrees L.) 1/2 pound, Sumatra decaf coffee 1-1/2 ounces, Cascade hops (boil) 1/2 ounce, Cascade hops (finish) yeast Procedure: Place chocolate, patent, and crystal malts in about 2 gallons ...

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