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Dog Cage Used for Rabies Tests

Originally published in The British Medical Journal, Vol. 1, No. 1366 (Mar. 5, 1887), pp. 532-534 At a recent meeting of the Académie de Médecine, M. Grancher replied, int he name of M. Pasteur, to the allegations of M. Peter respecting hte death of a patient suffering from hydrophobia. The patient in question had received nineteen inoculations, and not thirty-six, ...

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Pasteur, Metschnikov, and the four boys from Newark treated for rabies

Wherever he turned, Pasteur brought great insight to benefit humanity Robert I. Krasner, 1995 This year marks the centennial of Louis Pasteur’s death, occasioning a series of events organized by UNESCO and the Pasteur Institute to celebrate his many contributions. When one thinks of the famous names associated with the history of medical science, certainly Pasteur ranks among the greatest. ...

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Louis Pasteur with hydrophobia survivor

Originally published in The American Magazine, Volume 22, July to December 1886, p. 255 The estimation in which the work of Pasteur toward the elucidation and cure of hydrophobia is held by scientific men, is swhon by the fact that learned commissions have been sent to Paris to examine into the methods followed by him. That appointed by the English ...

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American Druggist - Volume 17 - 1889

Originally printed in the American Druggist: A Weekly Illustrated Journal of Practical Pharmacy in September, 1889 At the Academy of Sciences, M. Pasteur recently presented a note of the results observed in the Pasteur Institute from May 1st 1888, to May 1st 1889 (La France Médicale, No. 73). During this period, 1,673 persons bitten by rabid, or presumably (très suspects ...

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Louis Pasteur on cover of Le Don Quichotte magazine

This article is an excerpt of Gibson’s larger work, “The Wonders of Scientific Discovery.” It has been remarked in the preceding chapter that in the mind of the general public it is in connection with hydrophobia that the name of Pasteur is best known. The year before Pasteur’s discovery there were sixty-seven deaths from hydrophobia in Great Britain alone. In ...

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Dog Cage Used for Rabies Tests

A SHORT DESCRIPTION OF HYDROPHOBIA FROM THE EARLIEST TIMES DOWN TO THE END OF 1880 Seven years ago, in 1880, rabies or hydrophobia had already been known, dreaded, and studied, in Europe, for more than 2,000 years. Countless authors had written upon it, beginning, so far we can ascertain, with Democritus in the fifth century B.C., down to and including ...

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