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Emergine Infectious Disease magazine cover

Diseases occur in our midst because of many factors and reasons. According to scientific researches and early pioneering efforts conducted on such diseases as cholera and gastro-enteritis by a German, Robert Koch, and the Frenchman, Louis Pasteur, on the microbes, these diseases occur in our midst when the water and food items we consume are contaminated, just as TB, measles, ...

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Single-celled yeast organisms were first used in baking and fermentation 4,000 years ago in ancient Egypt. Centuries later, famed French microbiologist Louis Pasteur discovered that alcohol was the natural by-product of yeast fermentation. Read the full article…

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Louis Pasteur vaccinated sheep

 by Louis Pasteur (with the Collaboration of Mr. Chamberland and Mr. Roux) Originially published in the Comptes Rendus de l’Academie des Science 92:1378-1383, June 13, 1881. In a lecture which I presented to the Academy last February 28, the purpose of which was to discover a method for preparation of attenuated anthrax, I spoke on behalf of myself and my ...

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Emile Roux

Born in the medieval village of Confolens (Poitou-Charentes Region), son of a provisieur, Émile was gifted and began school ahead the other boys his age. His father was quite strict which was common for a school principal, but his expectations must have been appropriate for this precocious boy. His father died suddenly when Émile was eight years old. His mother’s ...

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Philadelphia water contamination - Pasteur-Chamberlad Filter

The Schuylkill River Water made Pure, Healthful and Clear as Crystal, and FREE FROM ALL GERMS OF TYPHOID FEVER, CHOLERA, CHOLERA INFANTUM, DIPTHERIA, Etc., by being Purified through the ONLY Germ-Proof Filter in the World — THE PASTEUR GERM-PROOF WATER FILTER The name of Louis Pasteur is now a familiar household word throughout all civilized countries of the world and ...

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Pasteur-Chamberland filter

GOLD MEDAL, HEALTH EXHIBITION, 1884 The Chamberland and Pasteur Filter is the joint production of the celebrated Professor Pasteur and his co-worker Dr. Chamberland, originally for the express purpose of eliminating disease germs and absolutely purifying waters used by them in Dr. Pasteur’s experiments. The method of filtration is through specially prepared porcelain tubes used chiefly under pressure. No impurities ...

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Louis Pasteur on cover of Le Don Quichotte magazine

This article is an excerpt of Gibson’s larger work, “The Wonders of Scientific Discovery.” It has been remarked in the preceding chapter that in the mind of the general public it is in connection with hydrophobia that the name of Pasteur is best known. The year before Pasteur’s discovery there were sixty-seven deaths from hydrophobia in Great Britain alone. In ...

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Dog Cage Used for Rabies Tests

A SHORT DESCRIPTION OF HYDROPHOBIA FROM THE EARLIEST TIMES DOWN TO THE END OF 1880 Seven years ago, in 1880, rabies or hydrophobia had already been known, dreaded, and studied, in Europe, for more than 2,000 years. Countless authors had written upon it, beginning, so far we can ascertain, with Democritus in the fifth century B.C., down to and including ...

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“In 1876, Louis Pasteur brought beer forward by describing the basis for fermentation that beer was fermented not by chemicals but by microorganisms–that is, yeast. He noted that bacteria, mold, and wild yeast were often responsible for the sour beer that plagued France and other countries. With this new understanding, he and other scientists began to refine techniques that could ...

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