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[Footnote: Read before the French Academy of Sciences, May 3, 1880. Published in Comptes rendus, de l’Academie des Sciences, xc., pp. 1033-44.] When I began the studies now occupying my attention, [Footnote: In 1880. Especially engaged in the study of chicken cholera and the attenuation of virulence–Translator.] I was attempting to extend the germ theory to certain common diseases. I ...

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Beer Style: stout, English stout, milk stout, sweet stout, Mackeson’s Recipe Type: all-grain Description: This recipe is based on one presented by Bob Pritchard in his book All About Beer. He also advocates adding saccharine. In digest #245, Doug Roberts said that he made this beer and did not like the results. He said, “I will never again make a ...

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Beer Style: stout, Russian imperial stout Recipe Type: all-grain Description: I have been brewing Imperial Stouts all summer—10 batches altogether. (Talk about a beer out of season—rawlp!) Many interesting Imperial Stouts were produced. The one I liked the most had all the trappings of an Imperial Stout but without that expected alcoholic flavor. A Big Beer without the Burn. The ...

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Beer Style: stout, kahlua Recipe Type: all-grain Description: Ingredients: 5 pounds, 2-row barley 2 pounds, 120L caramel malt 2 pounds, 20L caramel malt 2 pounds, British crystal 1 pound, wheat malt 1 pound, dextrin 1 pound, roast barley 2 ounces, Northern Brewer hops (boil 75 minutes) 1/2 ounce, Styrian Golding hops (boil 75 minutes) 1 bottle Kahlua liquor extract Whitbread ...

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Beer Style: stout, Irish stout, dry stout Recipe Type: partial mash Description: Ingredients: 5 pounds, pale malt 1 pound, crystal malt 1 pound, chocolate malt 3.3 pounds, John Bull unhopped dark malt extract 1 ounce, Clusters hops pellets 1 ounce, Hallertauer leaf hops 1 tablespoon, Irish moss 1/2 ounce, Willamette hops pellets 2 packs, Red Star ale yeast OG: 1.044 ...

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Beer Style: stout, Russian Imperial stout, imperial stout, Grants Imperial stout, Recipe Type: extract Description: This is an extract recipe (with specialty grains) that I made with a friend several years ago (we got the recipe somewhere, but I can’t remember where). The FG turned out a little high, but it tasted a lot like Grant’s. The major problem with ...

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Beer Style: stout, dry stout, rye Recipe Type: all-grain Description: This has got to be the best stout I have ever made. Since I have made the move to all-grain, this will be the only stout recipe for me. The flavour is dry and what you would expect from a stout. The rye and the cara-pils has made it very ...

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Beer Style: stout Recipe Type: extract Description: This recipe is based on the Double Stout recipe that appeared in Zymurgy magazine, but the quantities have been adjusted to make a half batch. Ingredients: 1/2 pound, crystal malt 1/4 pound, roasted barley 3.3 pounds, Mountmellick stout kit 1/2 pound, amber dry malt 1/2 teaspoon, gypsum 1/2 teaspoon, Irish moss 1/4 ounce, ...

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Beer Style: stout, foreign stout, Coopers Stout clone Recipe Type: all-grain Description: It is basically a foreign style stout: quite bitter (maybe 45 IBU), alcoholic (6.8%), coffeeish and oily. I believe Coopers use dextrose in all their beers, including this one. My Roger Protz (a Pom) book says they use lager malt, crystal and roast barley. I would have guessed ...

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