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Louis Pasteur Experiment: Grow Your Own Bacteria

Louis Pasteur germs experiment

This is a great experiment for kids to learn about one of Louis Pasteur’s greatest discoveries. Louis Pasteur was famous for discovering that bacteria and germs are “almost everywhere” in the environment. Pasteur showed that germs hang on dust particles in the air, attach themselves to surfaces during experiments and expose themselves on medical instruments during surgery. One way to ...

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Louis Pasteur Word Search

Louis Pasteur handwritten note

This word search is great for kids to learn some of the key terms used by Louis Pasteur. Words can be found vertical, horizontal, diagonal and backwards! C A N M G U E J B I M A I R F H Q I E I N R P G I O R X A E Y N R ...

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Redi, Louis Pasteur and Spontaneous Generation for Kids

Redi's Experiment - 2

Where do cells come from? If a cut of meat is let out, over time it will putrefy and begin to teem with microorganisms and possibly with larger organisms like maggots. Prior to the mid-to-late 19th century, the origin of microorganisms in decaying matter was in question. Some maintained that microbes arose from other microbes that landed on the food ...

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