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Researches on the Molecular Asymmetry of Natural Organic Products

Preface The two lectures which compose this volume were published by the Chemical Society of Paris in a volume entitled “Leçons de Chimie professées en 1860” (Paris, 1861). They give in brief form an account of Pasteur’s brilliant investigations on optically active compounds, and are remarkable for three things; – The fact that they describe the only ways even now ...

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The Asymmetry of Naturally Occurring Organic Compounds

Quartz Crystals

Two lectures delivered by Louis Pasteur before the Chemical Society of Paris, on January 20, and February 3, 1860. FIRST LECTURE AT the end of the year 1808 Mains discovered that light which was reflected from opaque or transparent bodies possessed new and surprising properties, which distinguished it from the light that proceeded directly from illuminating bodies. Malus called the ...

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