Louis Pasteur Activity Book and Video for Kids

Louis Pasteur Videos - Animated Hero Classics

This section provides information about Louis Pasteur for kids. The life of Louis Pasteur is one that kids will find interesting and inspiring. The work of Pasteur is complex and the rigorous science that led to his discoveries can be overwhelming for a younger audience; much of it beyond the learning capability of younger kids. However, the valuable resources on …

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Louis Pasteur: How Beer Saved the World

Pasteur and Beer

This is an excerpt from the Discovery Channel production How Beer Saved the World. Beer was the basis of modern medicine. It all started in 1850s with scientist Louis Pasteur. He invented pasteurization. Tragically, people always link him to this, milk. But he was actually studying this: beer. Some people think he was looking at milk, but in fact, he …

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The Story of Louis Pasteur

Video - The Story of Louis Pasteur

This clip from the 1935 film The Story of Louis Pasteur features a scene of professor Pasteur speaking to students at the university where he says: You young men, doctors and scientists of the future, do not let yourselves be tainted by apparent skepticism. Nor discouraged by the sadness of certain hours that creep over nations. Do not become angry …

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Louis Pasteur – A Man of Science

Louis Pasteur Portraits Image Gallery

Originally found in American Public Journal – March 1953 – Motion Picture Reviews A recreation of this health hero’s contributions to medical knowledge. Produced by Sterling Films. 16 mm., black and white, sound, 28 minutes. For purchase from the producer at $100. Address them at 316 West 57th Street, New York 19, N. Y. Consult rental libraries for rental terms. …

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Louis Pasteur and Molecular Dissymmetry

Louis Pasteur’s first discovery and the point of embarkation for everything to follow in his prodigious carrer, including stereochemistry, bio-optical chemistry, fermentation, germ theory, and of course, the separation between living and non-living processes.

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