Los Angeles Times (1881-1922)

How We Fight Disease

Smallpox Victim

Originally published in the Los Angeles Time on March 29, 1903 Rather more than a century ago, a very young physician thought to test a very old folk remedy against the greatest scourge of that day – smallpox. His method, slightly elaborated, has served to banish that disease from cleanly lands. But it was merely a chance success won in …

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Microbes of Death: Prof. Louis Pasteur Is No More of This World

The French Scientist Succumbs to a Series of Paralytic Strokes – His Labors in the Field of Chemistry and Bacteriology Brought Him Fame. PARIS, Sept. 28. – (By Atlantic Cable.) Prof. Louis Pasteur, the eminent bacteriologist, died at 5 o’clock this evening at Garches, near St. Clous, in the environs of this city. Prof. Pasteur had suffered from paralysis for …

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Pasteur’s Pavilion: The Office and Home of the Famous Healer

PARIS, Aug. 14 – In the early hours of the forenoon, day after day, a crowd of 150 persons and upward assemble in the waiting-room, a spacious hall papered in dark green and wainscoted in pale oak – of Dr. Pasteur’s pavilion, which is a one-story, detached house, standing at right angles to the main building of the Ecole Normale …

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Louis Pasteur is Honored by Paris Savants

PARIS, Dec. 25 — The centenary of the birth of Louis Pasteur was observed today by the Academy of Medicine with exercises in honor of the world-famous chemist and biologist, one of the academy’s most illustrous members. Pasteur was elected to the academy in 1873 as a free associate, not being eligible to regular membership as he was neither a …

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