Review of On Fermentation by P. Schützenberger

Paul Schutzenberger - 1863

This article was originally published in the Pharmaceutical Journal and Transactions, April 7, 1877, pp. 827-828 REVIEW On Fermentation. By P. Schützenberger (Director at the Chemical Laboratory at the Sorbonne). H.S. King and Co. London: 1876 This work forms the 20th volume of the International Scientific Series, and as might be expected from the pen of the author, it constitutes …

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“Graisse” Disease of Wines – Maladie de la Graisse

Originally published in the Journal of the Institute of Brewing, Volume 14, 1908, p. 201 by E. Kayser and E. Manceau (Comptes rend. de l’Acad. des Sciences, 1908, 146, pp. 92-94) The authors have previously observed the existence of two groups of “graisse” ferments. The organisms of the first group present nearly rectilinear chains, are resistant to a fairly high …

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Device to Examine Beer Sample without Contamination from Pasteur’s Studies on Beer

In 1876 Pasteur published his Études sur la Bière (Studies on Beer). This illustration from his book demonstrates a method for examining the yeast in beer without exposing the sample to contamination from other microorganisms. His publication included plans for a fermentation tank that would prevent air-borne bacteria from entering and spoiling the brew. Here you will find individual descriptions …

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Bastian and Pasteur on Spontaneous Generation

A 16th century depiction of spontaneous generation of honey bees from a dead ox.

Originally published in The American Naturalist, Vol. 10, No. 12, Dec. 1876, pp. 730-734 by Henry J. Slack In the number of Comptes rendus for July 10, 1876, is a paper by Dr. Bastian, On the Influence of Physico-Chemical Forces in the Phenomenon of Fermentation, intended to demonstrate, in opposition to the theory of atmospheric germs, that certain organic liquids …

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The Dispute Between M. Pasteur and Dr. Bastian

Louis Pasteur in his workshop with microscope

This article was originally published in the Pharmaceutical Journal and Transactions, August 4, 1877, pp. 89-90 The hope that, for once, a dispute between scientific men on a point of fact might be settle rationally, and that it would be conclusively ascertained whether Dr. Bastian was right in affirming, or M. Pasteur in denying, that bacterial will swarm in previously …

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A Note Confirming Pasteur’s research on Septicemia

Emergine Infectious Disease magazine cover

This is an excerpt from an entry originally published in the Pharmaceutical Journal and Transactions, March 10, 1878, p. 769 In a note communicated by Pasteur to the Academy of Medicine, regarding septicæmia, he points out that the vibrios characteristic of this disease cannot sustain the presence of oxygen, but they can live in vacuo and in carbonic anhydride and …

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Review of Pasteur’s “Etudes sur la Biere”

Etudes sur la biere - beer disease

This review was originally published in the Pharmaceutical Journal and Transactions, November 17, 1877, pp. 395-397. REVIEW Etudes sur la Bière, ses Maladies, Causes qui les Provoquent, Procédé pour la rendre inaltérable, avec une Théorie nouvelle de la Fermentation Par M. L. Pasteur, Paris: Gauthier-Villars. 1876. It is part of the creed of the average English beer drink, that the …

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The Foundations of Stereo Chemistry

Memoirs by Pasteur, Van’t Hoff, Lebel, and Wislicenus General Contents Preface The Asymmetry of Naturally Occurring Organic Compounds. By Louis Pasteur Biographical Sketch of Pasteur Structural Formulas in Space. By J.H. van’t Hoff Biographical Sketch of van’t Hoff Relation between Atomic Formulas of Organic Compounds and the Rotary Power of their Solutions. By J.A. LeBel Biographical Sketch of Lebel Space …

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Researches on the Molecular Asymmetry of Natural Organic Products

Preface The two lectures which compose this volume were published by the Chemical Society of Paris in a volume entitled “Leçons de Chimie professées en 1860” (Paris, 1861). They give in brief form an account of Pasteur’s brilliant investigations on optically active compounds, and are remarkable for three things; – The fact that they describe the only ways even now …

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Success of Pasteur’s Treatment of Hydrophobia

American Druggist - Volume 17 - 1889

Originally printed in the American Druggist: A Weekly Illustrated Journal of Practical Pharmacy in September, 1889 At the Academy of Sciences, M. Pasteur recently presented a note of the results observed in the Pasteur Institute from May 1st 1888, to May 1st 1889 (La France Médicale, No. 73). During this period, 1,673 persons bitten by rabid, or presumably (très suspects …

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