Note on Pasteur’s Travels to Egypt for Cholera Research

This article was originally published in The Laws of Life, Volume 28, page 246

M. Pasteur, in his instructions to the French Scientific Commission sent to Egypt to investigate the nature of cholera, acts on the hypothesis that the disease enters the human organism by the digestive canal, and not through the air passages. It is directed that all articles of drink be boiled and wine thoroughly heated before use. Food must be thoroughly cooked, and it, as well as liquids, must be partaken of from vessels previously heated. Water, after being boiled, must be kept only in vessels that have been heated, and when wanted for washing purposes, must be treated with two per cent solution of carbolic acid. Bread must be cut into thin slices and heated, and fruit washed in boiled water before eaten. Boiled water should be used several times daily in washing the hands and face. Attention will be given to every detail concerning the disease, and the attempt made to discover the specific micro-organism to which, it is surmise, the disease is due.

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