Pasteur’s Communications on Rabies: No. 1

January 24, 1881. — On a New Malady produced by the Saliva of a Child who died of Rabies. Note by M. L. Pasteur, with the Collaboration of Messrs. Chamberland and Roux.

This note deals with the experiments undertaken with the saliva of the child who died in Mr. Lannelongue’s ward. This saliva, injected into dogs and rabbits, gave rise in them to a new and fatal disease, not to rabies. We shall, accordingly, not translate the article, although it is of great interest. M. Pasteur here expresses the idea that the new disease may possibly be the form assumed in animals by human rabies. A specific microbe had been isolated and cultivated. He forsees the possibility of vaccinating dogs against hydrophobia, and thus indirectly preserving man himself.

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