Beer, Wine and Fermentation

Pasteur Process for Making Unalterable Beer

Pasteur Drying Oven

Taken from the Annual Record of Science and Industry for 1874. Pasteur, the eminent French chemist, has recently given a method for preparing an unalterable beer; that is, a beer which will not turn sour or spoil upon keeping. It is important to consider two facts as preliminary to this process. In the first place, says Pasteur, all the objectionable …

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Louis Pasteur and His Patented Beer Making Equipment

Brewing tanks patented by Louis Pasteur on January 28, 1873 Germ Theory In a simple experiment of drawing through an aspirator a current of outside air through a tube containing a little plug of cotton wool, Pasteur demonstrated that, as the current passed it deposited on this sort of filter some of the solid corpuscles contained in the air. After …

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The Pasteurization of Beer

During the terrible days of the supremacy of the Commune in Paris, at the end of the Franco-German war, Pasteur was occupied in the laboratory of M. Duclaux, at Clermont-Ferrand, in studying the diseases of beer, with a view to attempt to raise French beer to the higher standard of the German brewers. Beer is naturally more prone to disease …

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