Spontaneous Generation

Francesco Redi and Spontaneous Generation

The theory of Spontaneous Generation proposed that life or living organisms could be “spontaneously generated” from non living matter. Similar to Louis Pasteur’s spontaneous generation experiment, the 17th century Italian scientist Franceso Redi conducted an experiment to refute the theory of Spontaneous Generation nearly 200 years earlier. Controlled Experiment by Redi Francesco Redi showed that maggots do not spontaneously arise …

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Spontaneous Generation and the Origin of Life

A 16th century depiction of spontaneous generation of honey bees from a dead ox.

This article was originally published on The Talk Origins Archive on April 26, 2004. Summary What Louis Pasteur and the others who denied spontaneous generation demonstrated is that life does not currently spontaneously arise in complex form from nonlife in nature; he did not demonstrate the impossibility of life arising in simple form from nonlife by way of a long …

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