Bavarian Wheat


Target starting gravity is in the range of 1.050-1.055, so adjust the above grain bill. For a dunkelweizen, substitute a couple pounds of Munich malt for some of the pale malt, and substitute crystal malt for the cara-pils.

Cracking the wheat malt correctly takes some practice. I set the Corona mill more finely than for barley malt. The idea is not to pulverize the wheat malt, but to crack it well.

  • 4–1/2 pounds, pale malt (barley)
  • 4–1/2 pounds, wheat malt
  • 1/2 pound, cara-pils malt
  • 4 AAUs, Hallertauer (or other German hop) (bittering)
  • light finishing hop (1/4–1/2 ounce, Cascade, last 10 minutes

When mashing, an initial protein rest is advised. If the usual protein rest is roughly 30 minutes, you might conduct a protein rest for 45 minutes at 122 degrees F before boosting the mash to a starch conversion temperature of 153/5 degrees F.

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