Best Pale Ale

Beer Style:pale ale
Recipe Type:all-grain

I’ve just tryed my newest batch of ale and it is my best yet!

  • 9 lbs pale two row malt
  • .5 lbs pils 2-row
  • .5 lbs crystal 55L
  • 1 oz Perle at 45 min remaining
  • .5 oz Cascade at 15 min remaining
  • 1 oz Hallertauer (10 min. steep)
  • Wyeast American pale ale
OG: 1.053

I used a three step mash with a mash in of 132 f., conversion at 152 f., and mas h out of 168. Sparged with 168.

Suprisingly the beer was not exceptionly hoppy with full body resembling a Full Sail ale.

I used wyest amercan pale and my original gravity was 1.053. I do not know the final as I have broken my hydrometer. Mash effiecincy was 75%. IBU’s were 35.7 without the Hallertau steep and 41.7 with.

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