Funeral of Pasteur: Last Rites Observed in Cathedral of Notre Dame

Originally published in the Boston Evening Transcript on October 5, 1895

Funeral of Louis Pasteur
Funeral of Louis Pasteur

Paris, Oct. 5–The funeral services over the body of Professor Louis Pasteur, the famous chemist and scientist, took place in the Cathedral of Notre Dame this afternoon. The coffin was removed from the Pasteur Institute, where the body had been lying in state, at ten o’clock and placed upon the funeral car. The car was drawn by six horses, whose trapping were decorated with mourning plumes and tri-colored drapery. The procession was formed in front of the institute and marched to the cathedral. The funeral car was escorted by a batallion of the Garde Republicaine. The members of the Pasteur family were immediately behind the hearse and were followed by the state dignitaries and deputations from the learned societies. The weather was clear and bright, but there were fewer people in the procession and forming the crowd of spectators than is usual upon the occasion of a national funeral. The streets in the Quarter Latin were lined with troops.

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