Pasteur’s Laboratory

Originally published in the Eastern Medical Journal on August 1, 1886

The Evening Post quotes as follows from the Pall Mall Gazette :

“A most extraordinary museum has just been opened in the Rue Vauguelin. It is difficult to say whether it should best be called a museum, or a factory, or a form, or a mertagerie. In fact it m all four combined, and grouped together for a purpose hitherto untried, and presenting an appearance hitherto unparalleled. These are the new headquarters of M. Pasteur, and here are to be found cow-houses, sheepfolds, fowl walk, rabbit-hutches and dog kennels. They are all, moreover, fully occupied. On one floor is the laboratory, where the vaccine soups and preparations are made up. Above it a museum, where specimens connected with the new cure are exhibited. There operating-rooms and rooms for are postmortem investigations and dissecting purposes.
Two of the kennels are devoted to dogs in various interesting stages of early or advanced rabies. ‘Hen cholera’ is communicated, watched, and cured in the fowl- house. The cattle exhibit various stages of vaccination. Human beings have also their provided quarter. A spacious wait- ing room is set apart for patients, who troup daily in picturesque groups — accord- ing to the French press — representing all nationalities. In the mean time the great savant occupies the former quarters of the Pasteur Institute in the Rue d’Ulm, and de- votes himself in dignified seclusion, to scientific research.”

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