Whiskey Cherry Bounce

One gallon of good whiskey, one and one half pints of wild black cherries bruised so as to break the stones, two ounces of common almonds shelled, two ounces of white sugar, one-half teaspoonful cinnamon, one-quarter teaspoon cloves, one-quarter teaspoonful nutmeg, all bruised. Let stand twelve to thirteen days, and draw off. This, with the addiiton of one-half gallon of …

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Cherry Bounce No. 2

One quart of rum to one quart of wild cherries, and three-quarters pound of sugar. Put into a jug, and at first give it a frequent shake. Let it stand for severa months before you pour off and bottle. A little water put on to the cherries left in the jug will make a pleasant and less ardent drink.

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Cherry Bounce

Four quarts of wild cherries stemmed and well washed, four quarts of water. Skim every few days. Then strain, add three-quarters pound sugar to each quart of liquid, and let ferment again. This takes about two weeks. When it stops working, add rum, –about two bottles full for this quantity. (It is good without any rum.)

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