Scientists from Around the World take Interest in Pasteur’s Hydrophobia Experiments

Originally published in The American Magazine, Volume 22, July to December 1886, p. 255

Louis Pasteur with hydrophobia survivor
Louis Pasteur with hydrophobia survivor

The estimation in which the work of Pasteur toward the elucidation and cure of hydrophobia is held by scientific men, is swhon by the fact that learned commissions have been sent to Paris to examine into the methods followed by him. That appointed by the English Government contains some of the most eminent men in the kingdom: Sir Jame Paget, T. Lauder Brunton, Sir Henry Roscoe, and Burdon Sanderson. Names like these assure use that caution will be exercised in the inquiry, and, furthermore, that men of experience and good judgment believe that Pasteur is, at least, upon the right track. Germany sends the great biologist Virchow, with Dr. Koch, whose eminence in cholera investigations is well known. The Academy of Medicine in Rome has sent delegates for the same purpose, while from Bacaria and Archduke Charles, himself a physician, goes to Paris to make an investigation on his own account, as well as in the interest of his subjects.

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