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Spontaneous Generation: Redi’s Experiment with Learning Objectives

Spontaneous Generation: Redi Experiment

Learning Objectives Explain the theory of spontaneous generation and why people once accepted it as an explanation for the existence of certain types of organisms Explain how certain individuals (van Helmont, Redi, Needham, Spallanzani, and Pasteur) tried to prove or disprove spontaneous generation Part 1 Barbara is a 19-year-old college student living in the dormitory. In January, she came down …

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The Question of Spontaneous Generation

Redi's Experiment

From Louis Pasteur: His Life and Labours by René Vallery-Radot, 1885 ‘All dry bodies,’ said Aristotle, ‘which become damp, and all damp bodies which are dried, engender animal life.’ Bees, according to Virgil, are produced from the corrupted entrails of a young bull. At the time of Louis XIV, we were hardly more advanced. A celebrated alchemist doctor, Van Helmont, …

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Francesco Redi and Spontaneous Generation

The theory of Spontaneous Generation proposed that life or living organisms could be “spontaneously generated” from non living matter. Similar to Louis Pasteur’s spontaneous generation experiment, the 17th century Italian scientist Franceso Redi conducted an experiment to refute the theory of Spontaneous Generation nearly 200 years earlier. Controlled Experiment by Redi Francesco Redi showed that maggots do not spontaneously arise …

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