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Spontaneous Generation: Redi’s Experiment with Learning Objectives

Spontaneous Generation: Redi Experiment

Learning Objectives Explain the theory of spontaneous generation and why people once accepted it as an explanation for the existence of certain types of organisms Explain how certain individuals (van Helmont, Redi, Needham, Spallanzani, and Pasteur) tried to prove or disprove spontaneous generation Part 1 Barbara is a 19-year-old college student living in the dormitory. In January, she came down …

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The Spontaneous Generation Dispute

Chocolate Wrapper - Pasteur Disproves Spontaneous Generation

This article was originally published in the Pharmaceutical Journal and Transactions, March 17, 1877, p. 758 The question whether under any known conditions the spontaneous generation of living beings can take place has been the subject of so many diametrically opposed assertions during the past few years, that the discussion seemed fast drifting into the ridiculous. As, however, an attempt …

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Bastian and Pasteur on Spontaneous Generation

A 16th century depiction of spontaneous generation of honey bees from a dead ox.

Originally published in The American Naturalist, Vol. 10, No. 12, Dec. 1876, pp. 730-734 by Henry J. Slack In the number of Comptes rendus for July 10, 1876, is a paper by Dr. Bastian, On the Influence of Physico-Chemical Forces in the Phenomenon of Fermentation, intended to demonstrate, in opposition to the theory of atmospheric germs, that certain organic liquids …

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Spontaneous Generation and Pasteur’s Experiments

Chocolate Wrapper - Pasteur Disproves Spontaneous Generation

In the nineteenth century, people believed that organisms could arise spontaneously from their environment, without the presence of any preexisting organisms. After a nutrient broth is sterilized by boiling, and then exposed to air for a few days, a sample can be removed from the flask and transferred to a plate containing a solid medium. Within a few hours, the …

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Louis Pasteur, Francesco Redi, and Spontaneous Generation for Kids

Redi's Experiment - 2

Where do cells come from? If a cut of meat is let out, over time it will putrefy and begin to teem with microorganisms and possibly with larger organisms like maggots. Prior to the mid-to-late 19th century, the origin of microorganisms in decaying matter was in question. Some maintained that microbes arose from other microbes that landed on the food …

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On Spontaneous Generation

Louis Pasteur's inaugural lecture at the Acadmey of Sciences

An address delivered by Louis Pasteur at the “Sorbonne Scientific Soirée” of April 7, 18641 English translation commissioned 1993 by Bruno Latour,© Alex Levine, all rights reserved. Gentlemen! A number of imposing problems now have our best minds in thrall. These include questions regarding the unity or plurality of the races of Man, whether his creation ought to be dated …

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Spontaneous Generation

Pasteur manuscript on spontaneous generation

The mystery of life has puzzled and confounded humans since the first human began to contemplate his world. The religions of ancient societies were built around the seasons, the sun and the renewal of life as these were so clearly tied to survival; both of the human species through birth and death, and of the individual in the attainment of …

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Pasteur, Pouchet and Heterogenesis

Louis Pasteur doing research in the mountains

Louis Pasteur delivered a heavy blow to the theory of “spontaneous generation” when his famous experiment displayed that fermentation could be prevented even when a fermentable substance was exposed to the atmosphere. However, the debate continued, the science at hand matured and the discussion became much more involved. Some of the chimerical conceptions of creating mice and scorpions from dirty …

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Louis Pasteur and the History of Spontaneous Generation

Swan Necked Flasks from Pasteur's Laboratory

In the late 19th century, Louis Pasteur would find himself at the center of the spontaneous generation debate. However, it was only after centuries of conjecture, assumptions and the earlier scientific discoveries of others that Pasteur had the ability to put forth the crucial experiment that would uproot the theory of spontaneous generation. From the time of the ancient Greeks …

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Francesco Redi and Spontaneous Generation

The theory of Spontaneous Generation proposed that life or living organisms could be “spontaneously generated” from non living matter. Similar to Louis Pasteur’s spontaneous generation experiment, the 17th century Italian scientist Franceso Redi conducted an experiment to refute the theory of Spontaneous Generation nearly 200 years earlier. Controlled Experiment by Redi Francesco Redi showed that maggots do not spontaneously arise …

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