Pasteur’s Rememberance

Pasteur’s Centenary Recalls Discovery of Hydrophobia Cure

For Centuries It Had Been a Legend That Nothing Could Be Done for Those Affected — Treatment Soon Spread Around the World — Death Rate Here Under 1 Per Cent. By DR. HERMANN M. BIGGS. The prophylactic treatment of rabies was one of the most significant and important discoveries in the whole history of medicine, and most notable contribution to …

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The Louis Pasteur Medal

In Commemoration of the Scientist’s Seventieth Anniversary The pupils of Louis Pasteur, in commemoration of his seventieth anniversary, have issued a medal made by O. Roty, in which the great scientist appears in left profile, wearing a cape and skull cap. The inscriptions are his name and place and date of birth. The legend is, “For Science, Country, Humanity,” in …

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Americans Honor Pasteur’s Memory

Harding, Wilson and Taft Send Messages to the Centenary Meeting in Philadelphia PHILADELPHIA, Dec. 27 — Messages of appreciation of the great humanitarian work accomplished by Louis Pasteur were read here today from President Harding, Woodrow Wilson, Chief Justice Taft and many others at the centenary celebration of the French scientist’s birth. Jules Jusserand, French Ambassador to the United States, …

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