The Louis Pasteur Medal

In Commemoration of the Scientist’s Seventieth Anniversary

The pupils of Louis Pasteur, in commemoration of his seventieth anniversary, have issued a medal made by O. Roty, in which the great scientist appears in left profile, wearing a cape and skull cap. The inscriptions are his name and place and date of birth. The legend is, “For Science, Country, Humanity,” in French.

Pasteur Gold Medal - French Academy of Sciences
Pasteur Gold Medal – French Academy of Sciences

The reverse of the medal is engraved with the representation of laurel leaves, buds, and flowers. The inscription is expressive of homage to Pasteur, from Science and Humanity. The form of the medal is rectangular. The illustrations here given are reproduced from teh original in the possession of Dr. Paul Gibier, director of the New York Pasteur Institute.

The artist’s work is excellent. The likeness is extraordinary. It gives an accurate impression of the intense physical and moral pain which Dr. Pasteur had endured since paralysis attacked one side of his body. It tells also his admirable resignation, and the scientific bent of mind, and the enthusiasm, which enabled him to counteract with the joys of new discoveries the depressing influence of his infirmity.

This article was originally published on November 26, 1893

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