Louis Pasteur Honored Abroad

Originally published by the Spokane Daily Chronicle on December 27, 1922

Bust of Louis Pasteur
Bust of Louis Pasteur

PARIS, Dec 26.–(By the Associated Press.)–The centenary of the birth of Louis Pasteur was observed today by the Academy of Medicine with exercises in honor of the world-famous chemist and biologist, one of the academy’s most illustrious members. Pasteur was elected to the academy in 1873 as a free associate, not being eligible to regular membership as he was neither a physician nor an apothecary.

Dr. Albert Calmette, assistant of the Pasteur Institute, said that if a 15-year-old subject in the middle of the last century had the expectation of living 36 years, whereas today his life expectation was 48, it was very largely due to Pasteur’s discoveries and achievements.

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