Pasteur Seventy Years Old: Presented with the Gold Medal of the Academy of Sciences

Originally published in the New York Times on December 27, 1892

Pasteur Gold Medal - French Academy of Sciences
Pasteur Gold Medal – French Academy of Sciences

PARIS, Dec. 27. — The scientific and literary world of Paris assembled to-day to honor Louis Pasteur for the benefits he has conferred upon humanity. The spacious amphitheatre of the Sorhonne, the home of the French Academy of Sciences, was uncomfortably packed by persons eager to take part in commemorating the seventieth anniversary of his birth.

At the hour set for the ceremony to begin, M. Pasteur, with his arm linked in that of President Carnot, walked to the fauteuil, in which he seated himself, M. Carnot taking a seat beside him. They were followed by the various Ministers of State, members of the diplomatic body, scientists, and littérateurs. Prof. Duruy delivered an oration, in which he briefly sketched the scientific discoveries made by M. Pasteur and eulogized the services he had rendered.

Upon the conclusion of Prof. Duruy’s address, the President of the Academy of Sciences presented to M. Pasteur the gold medal of the academy. As the medal was handed to him M. Pasteur embraced the President and the audience cheered.

Addresses were then made by members of the French Academy highly laudatory of M. Pasteur and his work. Upon the conclusion of the ceremonies hundreds of those present shook hands with M. Pasteur and congratulated him upon the day and upon the honor shown him. In reply to his congratulations M. Pasteur expressed his conviction that science and peace would triumph over ignorance and war. The people of the whole world, he declared, were agreed to build up, not to destroy.

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