Hop Hound Dog IPA


Bold and strong. Might use galena hops instead of chinook hops in the boil. After 2 months still very hoppy.

  • 1 lb crystal malt
  • 7lbs lite dme
  • 2lbs amber dme
  • 4oz chinook hops
  • 2 oz cascade hops
  • 2 packs nottingham dry yeast
OG: 1.080 FG: 1.021
Primary Ferment: 7dys
Secondary Ferment: 10days

Steep crystal malt 30minutes in bag and discard. Boil 2 oz chinook hops seperately for 1hr. Brewpot add malt extacts and 2 oz of chinool hops boil 90 minutes. Combine both into 1 pot and add 1 oz cascade. Ferment for 7 days.Then secondary for 10 days add 1 oz cascades to secondary for dry hopping. Age for 2 months after bottling and drink.

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