Louis Pasteur on Stamps

stamp_of_louis_pasteur_monaco_20090415_1693270669Dr. Elvio Armando Tuoto earned a medical degree from the Federal University of Paraná State, in Brazil and is a Neurologist and Occupational Health specialist, as well as a full member of the Brazilian Academy of Neurology. Dr. Tuoto is the founder and full member of the Brazilian Society for the History of Medicine and holds membership withthe International Society for the History of the Neurosciences. Dr. Tuoto also acts in the capacity of an independent researcher and lecturer in History of Medicine.

On his blog titled, “Pasteur On Stamps,” Dr. Tuoto has gathered a most impressive collection of stamps dedicated to the life and work of Louis Pasteur. His collection includes stamps from Nicaragua, Cyprus, Mexico, India and many other countries across the globe!

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