Simple Summer Wheat


light refreshing honey undertones with a light floral fragrance

  • 1 can coopers wheat or similar
  • 1kg unhopped wheat malt
  • 250 grams dextrose
  • 200 grams tasmanian leatherwood honey
  • hersbrucker hops steeped
  • 1 dry enzyeme
  • 1 saf wheat yeast or whitelabs
OG: 1050 approx FG: 1010 approx
Primary Ferment: 7 -10 days on the lower end of temperature range
Secondary Ferment: no secondary fermentation this was kegged

this is a basic dump and stir receipe.tasmanian leatherwood honey can be stong in aroma so dont put too much in 200grams is plenty fill your fermenter to 23 litres

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