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Louis Pasteur, the Father of Immunology?

Pasteur conducting germ theory experiment in his laboratory

Originally published April 10, 2012 by the US National Library of Medicine INTRODUCTION As a student of immunology, I learned that Louis Pasteur was really the father of immunology, despite Edward Jenner’s pioneering introduction of vaccination to prevent smallpox in 1798 (Smith, 2011). Although successful, Jenner’s experiments led to no understanding as to how immunity develops. By comparison, in addition ...

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Pasteur’s Treatment for Hydrophobia

Dog Cage Used for Rabies Tests

Originally published in The British Medical Journal, Vol. 1, No. 1366 (Mar. 5, 1887), pp. 532-534 At a recent meeting of the Académie de Médecine, M. Grancher replied, int he name of M. Pasteur, to the allegations of M. Peter respecting hte death of a patient suffering from hydrophobia. The patient in question had received nineteen inoculations, and not thirty-six, ...

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